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...a cat with a high tail is a confident cat




Most of us, in the western world, are what Desmond Morris would call zoo humans. Like zoo animals taken out of their natural environment we live with constricted movement are hungry for physical contact and are too often isolated from each other. This is so common that this unfortunate state is seen as normal.

The negative consequences to the health of imprisoned animals are well documented. In fact there are staff in zoos whose sole job is to mitigate this by designing enrichment programs for the animals in captivity.

What is offered at Hightail Studio is an enrichment program for the zoo human.

Moving your body in non pedestrian/ non utilitarian ways is an essential part of being a human. The fitness industry has an approach the body that is all too often based in self hatred. The sporting approach is often better but the effective life of an athlete is short, their training is not sustainable.

At Hightail Studio we encourage you to develop the curious, experimental, focussed, playful self guided mind of the artist. By not attaching to goals but the process itself you will be able to build a personal sustainable movement practice.

Some of the outcomes of approaching working with the body in this way can be increased strength and flexibility, weight loss, better sleep and an increased capacity to manage anxiety and depression. However they are not the goals of training merely the by product of a process that is challenging, engaging, social and fun.



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